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Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturer

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Jinwo Machinery strives to provide customers with personalized products, services and control systems through scientific and technological innovation and advanced manufacturing processes, market-oriented, and precise design according to customer needs.

Processing equipment

It has complete modern processing equipment for manufacturing single and twin screw extruders, including processing centers, thread CNC milling machines, thread CNC grinders, and more than 50 other high precision machine tools.

production capacity

Jinwo Machinery can provide customers with a complete set of single and twin screw extruders with a diameter of 20~200MM. Its production capacity is from 5kg/hr to 4000kg/hr.

Production Experience

Jinwo Machinery has been designed and manufactured for decades, and has sold over 1000 sets of equipment all over the world. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, electronics, medicine and other industries.

Product Display

Industrial Revolution Business

Sheet extruder

This unit is an extrusion equipment for sheet plastics developed and manufactured independently by our company ...

Single screw extruder

The new screw design has many improvements, emphasizing energy saving and high output. The gear face transmi...

High Torque Extruder

High-torque twin-screw extruder is a new generation of high-speed, high-torque, high-power twin-screw extruder,...

Double screw extruder

Parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder is widely used in filling, reinforcing and toughening of polymer mater...

Split extruder

Split barrel. In the past, the barrel of twin-screw extruder was integral and could not be opened. The split tw...

Double-stage extruder

The upper machine is JWP series parallel co-rotating twin screw mixer. With the advantages of high speed, high ...


Industrial Revolution Business

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Industrial Revolution Business